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Price: 287.45 (-3.18) | Open Interest : 91465000 ↓ Sheds (-1691250.00)

Active Options Tips of ICICI Bank Limited (31-May-2018)

OptionPriceOpen InterestContracts %
ICICIBANK Call 300.00: CE-300.00 2.45 5453K (↑1086K)3K (↑78.5%)-57
ICICIBANK Call 310.00: CE-310.00 1.15 6108K (↑1554K)3K (↑118.4%)-56
ICICIBANK Call 320.00: CE-320.00 0.70 4254K (↓-253K)2K (↑45.7%)-42
ICICIBANK Call 290.00: CE-290.00 5.55 3795K (↑1295K)2K (↑874.9%)-50
ICICIBANK Put 280.00: PE-280.00 3.60 5544K (↓-528K)2K (↑271.5%)64
ICICIBANK Put 290.00: PE-290.00 8.00 2272K (↓-354.8K)2K (↑51.8%)80
ICICIBANK Put 270.00: PE-270.00 1.60 2244K (↑173K)1K (↑158.7%)39
ICICIBANK Put 300.00: PE-300.00 14.90 5838K (↓-508.8K)1K (↓-29.2%)70
ICICIBANK Call 330.00: CE-330.00 0.40 3240K (↓-209K)1K (↑2.3%)-38
ICICIBANK Put 260.00: PE-260.00 0.75 5371K (↑184K)1K (↑38.6%)36
ICICIBANK Call 280.00: CE-280.00 10.70 1202K (↓-49.5K)0K (↑1654.6%)-44
ICICIBANK Put 310.00: PE-310.00 23.05 1317K (↓-283.3K)0K (↓-10%)48
ICICIBANK Call 350.00: CE-350.00 0.25 1185K (↑17K)0K (↑184.5%)-17
ICICIBANK Put 250.00: PE-250.00 0.40 1964K (↑50K)0K (↑40.7%)0
ICICIBANK Call 340.00: CE-340.00 0.30 1128K (↓-140.3K)0K (↓-38.4%)-25
ICICIBANK Put 240.00: PE-240.00 0.30 1188K (↓-49.5K)0K (↑30%)20
ICICIBANK Put 200.00: PE-200.00 0.10 231K (↓-90.8K)0K (↑100%)-33
ICICIBANK Call 270.00: CE-270.00 18.30 248K (↑8K)0K (↑625%)-36
ICICIBANK Call 360.00: CE-360.00 0.20 473K (↓-13.8K)0K (↓-40%)-20
ICICIBANK Put 320.00: PE-320.00 33.75 432K (↓-8.3K)0K (↓-19.1%)45
ICICIBANK Call 370.00: CE-370.00 0.15 352K (↓-2.8K)0K (↑100%)-40
ICICIBANK Call 260.00: CE-260.00 28.00 344K (↓-8.3K)0K (↑500%)-29
ICICIBANK Put 220.00: PE-220.00 0.10 116K (↓-2.8K)0K (↑300%)-33
ICICIBANK Put 330.00: PE-330.00 38.15 83K (↓-2.8K)0K (↑50%)26
ICICIBANK Call 400.00: CE-400.00 0.10 77K (↓-5.5K)0K (↑200%)0
ICICIBANK Call 380.00: CE-380.00 0.15 292K (↓-5.5K)0K (↓-76.9%)0
ICICIBANK Put 230.00: PE-230.00 0.15 250K (↓-2.8K)0K (↓-88.9%)0
ICICIBANK Call 410.00: CE-410.00 0.05 14K (↓-2.8K)0K (↑100%)-50
ICICIBANK Call 390.00: CE-390.00 0.05 99K (↓-2.8K)0K (↑100%)-50

Free Day Trading Tips for ICICIBANK Option PE (31-May-2018):300.00

Signal       Signal Price  Stop Loss Target-1 Target-2 Target-3
Buy 14.9 13.4 17.6 20.3 24.5

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Bajaj Finance Limited Options (31-May-2018)

OptionPriceOpen InterestContracts %
BAJFINANCE Call 2200.00: CE-2200.00 30.10 227K (↑11K)11K (↑298.4%)67
BAJFINANCE Call 2150.00: CE-2150.00 50.50 135K (↓-9.5K)8K (↑301.1%)75
BAJFINANCE Call 2100.00: CE-2100.00 79.10 189K (↓-131.5K)6K (↓-12.1%)77
BAJFINANCE Put 2100.00: PE-2100.00 31.80 253K (↑242K)5K (↑4336.5%)-57
BAJFINANCE Call 2300.00: CE-2300.00 9.90 209K (↑115K)5K (↑755%)38
BAJFINANCE Put 2000.00: PE-2000.00 11.20 378K (↑110K)4K (↑87.2%)-60
BAJFINANCE Put 2050.00: PE-2050.00 18.75 176K (↑99K)3K (↑375.2%)-61

Voltas Limited Options (31-May-2018)

OptionPriceOpen InterestContracts %
VOLTAS Put 540.00: PE-540.00 8.60 412K (↑172K)6K (↑1312.9%)85
VOLTAS Call 600.00: CE-600.00 2.80 823K (↑465K)5K (↑464.6%)-80
VOLTAS Call 580.00: CE-580.00 5.25 498K (↑446K)5K (↑4487.9%)-77
VOLTAS Call 560.00: CE-560.00 11.00 326K (↑325K)5K (↑100%)-87
VOLTAS Put 520.00: PE-520.00 4.00 504K (↑425K)4K (↑6008.2%)74
VOLTAS Call 620.00: CE-620.00 1.65 603K (↑100K)3K (↑150%)-80
VOLTAS Put 500.00: PE-500.00 2.05 251K (↑246K)3K (↑252400%)71

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Stocks Options Tips

Most Active

OptionOpen Interest %
BAJFINANCE CE-2200.00 227K (↑11K)67
BAJFINANCE CE-2150.00 135K (↓-10K)75
BAJAJ-AUTO CE-3000.00 377K (↑289K)-17
BAJAJ-AUTO CE-2900.00 209K (↑148K)-23
RELIANCE CE-960.00 1574K (↑444K)-37
BAJFINANCE CE-2100.00 189K (↓-132K)77

Top Gainers

OptionOpen Interest %
STAR PE-340.00 43K (↑43K)26200
STAR PE-400.00 53K (↑53K)24400
IDEA CE-92.50 56K (↑49K)4600
SRF PE-1200.00 1K (↑1K)2950
STAR PE-440.00 26K (↑26K)1875
SRF PE-2000.00 48K (↑39K)1550

Volume Leaders

OptionOpen Interest %
SUZLON CE-12.50 23135K (↑455K)0
RCOM CE-20.00 20272K (↑10948K)0
GMRINFRA CE-20.00 15660K (↑1125K)-57
RCOM CE-25.00 14308K (↑6608K)0
RCOM PE-10.00 13104K (↑6608K)400
GMRINFRA CE-22.50 12915K (↑180K)-50


OptionOpen Interest %
RCOM CE-30.00 12880K (↑8456K)67
RCOM PE-10.00 13104K (↑6608K)400
RCOM CE-40.00 6636K (↑6384K)100
RCOM CE-22.50 10136K (↑4508K)17
RCOM CE-35.00 8960K (↑3976K)200
RCOM PE-7.50 8344K (↑3388K)300


OptionOpen Interest %
RCOM PE-10.00 13104K (↑6608K)400
RCOM CE-30.00 12880K (↑8456K)67
RCOM CE-22.50 10136K (↑4508K)17
RCOM CE-35.00 8960K (↑3976K)200
RCOM PE-15.00 8540K (↑1372K)121
RCOM PE-7.50 8344K (↑3388K)300

Top Losers

OptionOpen Interest %
RCOM CE-50.00 280K (↑280K)-97
STAR CE-460.00 175K (↑175K)-97
VGUARD CE-265.00 3K (↑3K)-97
INDIGO PE-1040.00 1K (↑1K)-97
RCOM CE-42.50 56K (↑56K)-96
STAR CE-440.00 148K (↑148K)-96

Options Tips

Index Options Tips

Most Active

OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY CE-10700.00 3363K (↑716K)-48
NIFTY CE-10800.00 5159K (↑478K)-57
NIFTY PE-10600.00 3692K (↓-507K)53
NIFTY PE-10500.00 5377K (↑42K)59
NIFTY CE-10900.00 3428K (↓-260K)-58
NIFTY PE-10700.00 3244K (↓-1086K)51

Top Gainers

OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY CE-11800.00 28K (↑2K)82
NIFTY PE-10350.00 149K (↑32K)74
NIFTY PE-10300.00 3046K (↓-133K)68
NIFTY PE-10250.00 121K (↑19K)67
NIFTY PE-10400.00 2803K (↓-314K)63
NIFTY PE-10200.00 1959K (↑35K)62

Volume Leaders

OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY CE-11000.00 5849K (↑144K)-55
NIFTY PE-10500.00 5377K (↑42K)59
NIFTY CE-10800.00 5159K (↑478K)-57
NIFTY PE-10600.00 3692K (↓-507K)53
NIFTY PE-10000.00 3460K (↑333K)51
NIFTY CE-10900.00 3428K (↓-260K)-58


OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY PE-10000.00 3460K (↑333K)51
BANKNIFTY PE-25500.00 805K (↑230K)24
NIFTY PE-10550.00 395K (↑93K)55
BANKNIFTY PE-25700.00 127K (↑50K)21
NIFTY PE-10450.00 161K (↑43K)61
NIFTY PE-10500.00 5377K (↑42K)59


OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY PE-10500.00 5377K (↑42K)59
NIFTY PE-10000.00 3460K (↑333K)51
NIFTY PE-10200.00 1959K (↑35K)62
NIFTY PE-9600.00 1153K (↑15K)10
NIFTY PE-9800.00 829K (↑34K)26
BANKNIFTY PE-25500.00 805K (↑230K)24

Top Losers

OptionOpen Interest %
NIFTY CE-10900.00 3428K (↓-260K)-58
NIFTY CE-10850.00 771K (↓-100K)-57
NIFTY CE-10800.00 5159K (↑478K)-57
NIFTY CE-10950.00 425K (↓-212K)-56
NIFTY CE-11000.00 5849K (↑144K)-55
NIFTY CE-10750.00 536K (↑170K)-54

Free Options Tips

ACC Limited(ACC PE-1380) 160.3%
Adani Enterprises Limite(ADANIENT PE-120) 64.8%
Adani Ports and Specia(ADANIPORTS PE-350) 157.1%
Adani Power Limited(ADANIPOWER PE-18) 100%
Ajanta Pharma Limited(AJANTPHARM PE-1000) 71.7%
Allahabad Bank(ALBK PE-38) 66.7%
Amara Raja Batteries L(AMARAJABAT PE-800) 226%
Ambuja Cements Limited(AMBUJACEM PE-200) 175%
Andhra Bank(ANDHRABANK CE-45) 100%
Apollo Hospitals Ente(APOLLOHOSP PE-1000) 18.8%
Apollo Tyres Limited(APOLLOTYRE PE-250) 50%
Arvind Limited(ARVIND PE-380) 458.3%
Ashok Leyland Limited(ASHOKLEY PE-138) 214.3%
Asian Paints Limited(ASIANPAINT PE-1180) 69%
Aurobindo Pharma Limit(AUROPHARMA PE-540) 115%
Axis Bank Limited(AXISBANK PE-540) 30.2%
Bajaj Auto Limited(BAJAJ-AUTO PE-2600) 232%
Bajaj Finance Limited(BAJFINANCE CE-2250) 203.5%
Bank of Baroda(BANKBARODA PE-100) 100%
Bank of India(BANKINDIA PE-75) 40%
Bata India Limited(BATAINDIA PE-760) 11.1%
Bharat Electronics Limited(BEL PE-120) 100%
BEML Limited(BEML PE-900) 210.8%
Bharat Financial Inclu(BHARATFIN CE-1100) 20.3%
Bharat Forge Limited(BHARATFORG PE-660) 48.7%
Bharti Airtel Limited(BHARTIARTL PE-330) 60%
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limi(BHEL PE-70) 116.7%
Biocon Limited(BIOCON CE-620) 32.7%
Bharat Petroleum Corporation(BPCL PE-350) 44%
Britannia Industries L(BRITANNIA CE-5600) 68.7%
Cadila Healthcare Limite(CADILAHC PE-350) 304%
Canara Bank(CANBK PE-300) 28.2%
Castrol India Limited(CASTROLIND CE-195) 40%
CEAT Limited(CEATLTD PE-1350) 22.6%
Century Textiles & In(CENTURYTEX CE-1260) 100%
CESC Limited(CESC PE-1060) 70.5%
Cipla Limited(CIPLA PE-500) 148.2%
Coal India Limited(COALINDIA PE-250) 70%
Colgate Palmolive (India)(COLPAL CE-1200) 143.2%
Container Corporation of (CONCOR CE-1500) 30.7%
Cummins India Limited(CUMMINSIND PE-720) 140%
Dabur India Limited(DABUR PE-375) 22.1%
Dewan Housing Finance Corpor(DHFL PE-600) 30.4%
Dish TV India Limited(DISHTV PE-85) 45.8%
Divis Laboratories Limi(DIVISLAB PE-1100) 34.1%
DLF Limited(DLF PE-160) 150%
Dr. Reddys Laboratories (DRREDDY PE-2300) 34.8%
Eicher Motors Limited(EICHERMOT PE-28000) 188.7%
Engineers India Limite(ENGINERSIN PE-140) 87.5%
Exide Industries Limited(EXIDEIND PE-220) 100%
The Federal Bank Limit(FEDERALBNK PE-108) 31.8%
GAIL (India) Limited(GAIL PE-310) 277.8%
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals(GLENMARK PE-480) 331%
GMR Infrastructure Limite(GMRINFRA PE-15) 200%
Godrej Consumer Product(GODREJCP PE-1000) 410.5%
Godrej Industries Limit(GODREJIND PE-570) 81.8%
Granules India Limited(GRANULES PE-80) 900%
Grasim Industries Limited(GRASIM PE-1000) 121.4%
Havells India Limited(HAVELLS PE-490) 150%
HCL Technologies Limited(HCLTECH PE-860) 96.8%
Housing Development Finance(HDFC PE-1700) 185.7%
HDFC Bank Limited(HDFCBANK PE-2060) 31.1%
Hero MotoCorp Limited(HEROMOTOCO PE-3650) 3%
Hexaware Technologies Li(HEXAWARE PE-360) 50%
Hindalco Industries Limi(HINDALCO CE-290) 50%
Hindustan Petroleum Cor(HINDPETRO PE-320) 24%
Hindustan Unilever Li(HINDUNILVR CE-1620) 127.7%
Hindustan Zinc Limited(HINDZINC CE-360) 200%
Indiabulls Housing Fi(IBULHSGFIN PE-1100) 179.1%
ICICI Bank Limited(ICICIBANK PE-290) 79.8%
IDBI Bank Limited(IDBI CE-95) 100%
Idea Cellular Limited(IDEA CE-93) 4600%
IDFC Limited(IDFC CE-63) 50%
IFCI Limited(IFCI PE-15) 50%
Indraprastha Gas Limited(IGL CE-320) 200%
The India Cements Limite(INDIACEM PE-125) 62.1%
IndusInd Bank Limited(INDUSINDBK CE-1780) 87.4%
Bharti Infratel Limited(INFRATEL PE-320) 54.1%
Infosys Limited(INFY PE-1200) 4.2%
Indian Oil Corporation Limite(IOC CE-200) 33.3%
IRB Infrastructure Developers(IRB PE-220) 377.8%
ITC Limited(ITC CE-275) 26.4%
Jet Airways (India) Li(JETAIRWAYS CE-780) 100%
Jindal Steel & Power L(JINDALSTEL PE-225) 95%
Jain Irrigation Systems(JISLJALEQS PE-90) 166.7%
Jaiprakash Associates L(JPASSOCIAT PE-18) 66.7%
JSW Steel Limited(JSWSTEEL PE-290) 200%
Jubilant Foodworks Limi(JUBLFOOD CE-2600) 45.5%
Just Dial Limited(JUSTDIAL PE-400) 251.4%
Kotak Mahindra Bank Li(KOTAKBANK CE-1300) 72%
KPIT Cummins Infosystems Lim(KPIT PE-220) 300%
Kaveri Seed Company Limited(KSCL PE-480) 67.5%
The Karnataka Bank Limite(KTKBANK CE-150) 50%
L&T Finance Holdings Li(L&TFH CE-215) 100%
LIC Housing Finance Lim(LICHSGFIN PE-460) 113.3%
Larsen & Toubro Limited(LT PE-1240) 200%
Lupin Limited(LUPIN PE-740) 114.5%
Mahindra & Mahindra Limit(M&M PE-800) 63.9%
Mahindra & Mahindra Fi(M&MFIN PE-520) 57.3%
Marico Limited(MARICO PE-300) 38.5%
Maruti Suzuki India Limit(MARUTI PE-8200) 221.3%
United Spirits Limite(MCDOWELL-N PE-3000) 60.4%
MindTree Limited(MINDTREE CE-1260) 30.8%
Motherson Sumi Systems(MOTHERSUMI PE-310) 153.1%
NCC Limited(NCC PE-95) 141.7%
NHPC Limited(NHPC PE-25) 33.3%
NIFTY(NIFTY CE-11800) 81.8%
NIIT Technologies Limit(NIITTECH PE-1040) 59.6%
NMDC Limited(NMDC PE-105) 140%
NTPC Limited(NTPC PE-173) 45.3%
Oil India Limited(OIL CE-233) 51.7%
Oil & Natural Gas Corporatio(ONGC PE-180) 72.7%
Oriental Bank of Commer(ORIENTBANK PE-70) 166.7%
PC Jeweller Limited(PCJEWELLER CE-450) 50%
Petronet LNG Limited(PETRONET CE-205) 31.3%
Power Finance Corporation Limi(PFC PE-70) 100%
Pidilite Industries L(PIDILITIND CE-1160) 50.9%
Punjab National Bank(PNB PE-170) 25.3%
Power Grid Corporation (POWERGRID PE-208) 29.2%
PTC India Limited(PTC PE-75) 80%
Reliance Communications Limit(RCOM PE-10) 400%
Rural Electrification Corp(RECLTD PE-100) 166.7%
Reliance Capital Limit(RELCAPITAL CE-540) 88.9%
Reliance Industries Lim(RELIANCE PE-1020) 48.9%
Reliance Infrastructure (RELINFRA CE-560) 66.7%
Reliance Power Limited(RPOWER PE-33) 142.9%
Steel Authority of India Limi(SAIL PE-70) 69.2%
State Bank of India(SBIN CE-320) 100%
Siemens Limited(SIEMENS PE-1060) 86%
The South Indian Bank Li(SOUTHBANK PE-28) 42.9%
SRF Limited(SRF PE-1200) 2950%
Shriram Transport Fin(SRTRANSFIN PE-1250) 1433.3%
Strides Arcolab Limited(STAR PE-340) 26200%
Sun Pharmaceuticals Ind(SUNPHARMA CE-620) 300%
Sun TV Network Limited(SUNTV PE-920) 59.1%
Syndicate Bank(SYNDIBANK PE-43) 36.4%
Tata Chemicals Limited(TATACHEM PE-680) 186.7%
Tata Communications Limi(TATACOMM PE-580) 80%
Tata Elxsi Limited(TATAELXSI PE-1140) 100.8%
Tata Global Beverages (TATAGLOBAL PE-210) 80%
Tata Motors Limited(TATAMOTORS PE-260) 233.3%
Tata Motors Limited(TATAMTRDVR PE-180) 61.3%
Tata Power Company Limit(TATAPOWER PE-83) 35%
Tata Steel Limited(TATASTEEL PE-580) 84.3%
Tata Consultancy Services Li(TCS PE-3600) 18.3%
Tech Mahindra Limited(TECHM PE-570) 106.9%
Titan Industries Limited(TITAN PE-1060) 27.3%
Torrent Pharmaceutica(TORNTPHARM CE-1360) 61.4%
Torrent Power Limited(TORNTPOWER PE-220) 100%
TV18 Broadcast Limited(TV18BRDCST PE-53) 283.3%
TVS Motor Company Limite(TVSMOTOR PE-630) 76.5%
United Breweries Limited(UBL CE-1100) 29.6%
UltraTech Cement Limi(ULTRACEMCO PE-3850) 251%
Union Bank of India(UNIONBANK PE-85) 25.5%
UPL Limited(UPL PE-640) 200%
Vedanta Limited(VEDL CE-370) 133.3%
Voltas Limited(VOLTAS PE-560) 94.5%
Wipro Limited(WIPRO PE-260) 177.8%
Wockhardt Limited(WOCKPHARMA PE-600) 400%
Yes Bank Limited(YESBANK PE-290) 50%
Zee Entertainment Enterprise(ZEEL PE-530) 81.8%